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An energy review could save your company money and support your business in positive strategic change

As we emerge from a period of depressed energy demand during Covid restrictions, the energy markets have risen with high volatility, and are expected to remain so in the medium term.

The next twelve months will also see an increase in regulatory compliance obligations on businesses.

  • The Targeted Charging Review will replace triads with fixed distribution and transmission charges as well as add complexity to bills and increase costs to some businesses.
  • The Heat Network Metering & Billing Regulations and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures will both introduce additional compliance and reporting measures

All of this points towards the need to have a proactive approach to energy management and robust energy and sustainability strategies in place.

Timing has always been the critical part of a successful energy procurement strategy but now it is more important than ever.

PEPCO works in partnership with Inenco, a leading energy and utilities management company. Together we offer bespoke utility management strategies that support positive strategic change and chart the journey to environmental sustainability.

Inenco's expertise and insight help to successfully control costs, improve margins, achieve regulatory compliance and protect operational resilience. Their customers include leading public and private sector organisations from sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, retail and logistics.

Inenco's in-house trading team's expertise in the energy market's technical and fundamental analysis makes them well placed to help you make the right decisions, thereby reducing your risk and optimising your costs. They will work with you to create the right energy and water procurement strategy for your business and execute on your behalf.

PEPCO's portfolio companies benefit from a free of charge, no obligation, energy review. These reviews have historically identified cost savings benefits of 10% versus the average price of the electricity market cycle and 14% against the average price of the gas market cycle. As well as for gas and electricity, Inenco offers a free-of-charge review of any alternative energy and water related issues you may have.

Inenco is an end-to-end energy and utility solutions provider, covering procurement, bureau services (invoice management), reporting, metering, compliance, energy optimisation delivery and consultancy. Once on-board, Inenco can help you manage your data, invoices and those difficult, time-consuming supplier queries and relationships.

PEPCO's on-going relationship with Inenco ensures that you receive the best possible service levels as well as benefitting from:

  • Free of charge review of any energy and water related issues you may have
  • Bureau services – invoice management, data services and management reporting will save you time, money and hassle
  • Fully transparent prices with no hidden costs or fees
  • A risk management scoping session with procurement specialists to ensure you get the right strategy for your needs. In-house energy trading and procurement specialists create a series of fully managed customer portfolios with four different risk strategies, which optimises energy costs
  • Team of specialist sustainability solutions engineers to project manage the services directly from concept to implementation
  • Expert team support you to set and deliver your sustainability targets, reduce carbon and energy costs and meet your regulatory compliance obligations. Sustainability and the journey to net zero is critical for successful businesses.
  • Inenco is one of the top energy management consultancies in the country as recognised by the Cornwall Consulting independent survey, with the resource to cover full end-to-end energy and sustainability markets

    Find out more about TrueValue and how it could strengthen your procurement processes.
    Call us on +44 (0) 20 3008 7588 or email us at
    Find out more about TrueValue and how it could strengthen your procurement processes.
    Call us on +44 (0)20 3008 7588 or email us at