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Driving Down the Costs of Fleet Management with PEPCO

Reducing fleet costs is a constant challenge for commercial fleet managers and remains their no. 1 priority. The current economic climate means the pressure to save money year on year is relentless and fleet managers can find themselves struggling to balance the need to control and reduce costs with the other factors involved in implementing a robust and appropriate company vehicle policy.

If you are not leveraging the PEPCO scheme vehicle benefits as part of your company's fleet management you could be missing out on several counts. Not only do PEPCO provide access to centrally negotiated discounts and terms based on a group fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, we also provide specialist advice around vehicle policy to support the bigger picture.

We spoke to PEPCO's vehicle specialist, Elliott Glenn, about the issues that fleet managers face and how we can support them with their vehicle procurement and policies. In his experience there are a number of factors over and above cost that need to be taken into account by fleet managers in order to implement a robust vehicle policy. Such areas as CO2 emissions, tax implications and legislation, health & safety obligations, grey fleet management, salary sacrifice schemes and so on are all on the radar, BUT driving down costs remains the main focus for businesses running a fleet, large and small alike.

Given this emphasis on cost management it therefore makes sense to find the quickest and most appropriate route to the best commercial solution available to your business thereby freeing up resources to ensure the wider implications and challenges associated with fleet management can also be addressed.

So how can PEPCO help?
PEPCO offer a 2 phase approach to assisting portfolio companies with vehicle procurement and fleet management. Our goal as always is to provide procurement support and excellent volume discounts based on aggregation, as well as access to specialists that add value across your business. Our vehicle experts work with portfolio companies to deliver savings and efficiencies to their vehicle policy, providing savings in real monetary terms as well as reducing admin burden in many cases. With the added assurance of an expert eye for the more complex detail around the changing tax and legal obligations.

1. Discounts and Terms
PEPCO have access to an exceptional level of support on vehicle leasing discounts. We have centrally negotiated preferential terms in place with all the main manufacturers based on the aggregation of a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. These discounts are immediately available to you as PEPCO scheme members and offer you savings over and above any existing discounts available through your leasing company. On average our terms deliver an additional £25 per vehicle per month on leasing costs - a saving of £9k per annum on a fleet of 30 vehicles. Discounts are also available on commercial vehicles and we can also access any additional levels of dealer discount that may be available through our specialist network.

2. Vehicle Policy Review
PEPCO also offer an enhanced level of service to fleet managers looking for additional guidance and support, helping companies to evolve their vehicle policies. Our experts can support you in leveraging existing policies to ensure more efficient use and ensure compliance and governance. Sometimes companies are focusing their attention in the wrong places and a review with our experts can quickly highlight areas for savings and efficiencies.

PEPCO's vehicle specialists work with portfolio companies to perform a vehicle policy review. This is a free service to scheme members and provides a healthcheck and initial recommendations. Ongoing reviews can be undertaken as necessary, for example when new legislation and taxes are passed or there are implications in the budget.
Recommendations are not necessarily about switching provider but we can assist with a level of supplier management as appropriate. Our expert partners are uniquely placed as one of the largest and longest established companies in the vehicle industry with relationships directly with leasing companies AND the major manufacturers so can add considerable value to the process at the front end for the end user organisation.

If you would like to know more about PEPCO's vehicle services please contact or telephone 020 3008 7585.

For more information on specific discounts and terms please access the PEPCO member scheme portal at:

Elliott Glen, has 18 years experience of assisting businesses with managing their corporate fleet and vehicle policies and procedures to ensure best practice and efficiencies in both cost and administration, across all industry sectors. He is part of one of the longest established fleet service provider and vehicle groups in the UK and has in depth knowledge of the critical factors that need to be taken into account to ensure a robust and "fit for purpose" corporate vehicle policy.
Find out more about TrueValue and how it could strengthen your procurement processes.
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Find out more about TrueValue and how it could strengthen your procurement processes.
Call us on +44 (0)20 3008 7588 or email us at